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Tailored Face Mask Lined in Pure Silver - Linen + Cotton + Silver

Tailored Face Mask Lined in Pure Silver - Linen + Cotton + Silver

SKU: 364215376135191

The Face Mask is Tailored to comfortably fit, offering necessary coverage. Soft and comfortable in Linen or Cotton Fabric on the outside and Pure Spun Silver on the inside. Three styles to choose.


Designed and Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸


All natural, breathable Linen + Cotton is tailored for a fitted look and function. Lined in our signature, soft and supple Pure Woven Silver fabric. Holographic, elastic ear straps on each side can be adjusted with a simple knot, or changed out, simply by threading through any elastic or ribbon of your choice. Sized for Adults. 


Washable in mild detergent on gentle, tepid warm water, air dry. Handwash preferred. Steam Iron on Fabric side only- never on the silver side. 



Washable in mild detergent/soap on gentle, tepid warm water, air dry. Light ironing as needed on the Linen Side only, for reshaping. 


About the Fabric Layers:


Pure, woven Silver. The fabric we use is amazingly soft, in fact it feels like satin.


Natural Linen has been made from Flax for eons of time. It is one of the most amazing fabric fibers of all time, in our opinion. We use organic Linen of the finest quality that is unbleached. Unlike cotton, Linen is known to insulate in winter and stays cool in summer. It is also moisture wicking, and with it being on your face, this is an excellent use to keep you feeling comfortable. The weave we selected for this mask is breathable.


Natural Cotton attracts positive energy and is a symbol of purity. Known to speed up the healing process of wounds, wearing it close the the skin is regenerative. Since a small percentage of cotton fiber is woven in with the linen, this will help keep the breath slightly warmer in air-conditioned environs.


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