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Distance Reiki Session with Notes

Distance Reiki Session with Notes

This offering is for a distance Reiki Session and the Session Notes. No physical packages will be mailed.

Reiki is delivered to you through the quantum field and is immediately relaxing. This is for a timely distant Reiki Session for you where I go into meditation and view your Aura while balancing and aligning your energy into a more harmonious and coherent state. You will need to message me for the window of time you are to receive it, typically within 1-2 days of your request, depending on the time it was received and what is coming through for you according to divine timing.

Depending on what I see in your Aura there will be notes, which I will photograph and send to you for your own interpretation. It is up to you to derive the meaning from the results of your session.

Please note that Distant Reiki is precise, intelligent and wise. As a practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher I have witnessed results that are positively confounding and exactly what is needed for the recipient. Ki is Qi and Chi, it is the pure lifeforce energy that is in and around everything and non-thing. Rei is Light, the full spectrum of the rainbow beyond what our eyes can see.

I conduct readings with an opening prayer and connection to your Higher Self, I Am Presence and Pure Source to direct the flow of the appropriate energetic support in you highest good. As a Reiki Master Teacher I work with Ki, pure life force energy and channel that into your session. During the session I receive messages in the form of symbols such as nature, flowers, and animals, sometimes food and natural elements and that is why I take notes for you.

The pricing is as follows:

Distance Reiki with Notes - $22

Distance Reiki w/Notes & Recording - $33

As an additional offer you may choose to purchase a custom guided meditation, which I will record for you. These recordings are completely intuitive based on the notes from your session and can range from a 15-35 minute recording. It is an audio file that I will provide you through email. You will need to send me your email address for me to properly deliver your link. From the link you may want to download and save the file for unlimited use. I’ve been doing these sessions for several years and the notes are plenty of material on it’s own. Recorded Meditations are typically appealing for someone who has had several sessions and is looking for greater depths in their Healers Journey.


As a Seller of Readings (oracle and tarot) and Reiki Practitioner please note the following: This is for entertainment purposes only.

I make best efforts to provide the most clarifying and significant experience for heart based inquiries you may be seeking as it is present in your quantum field. Messages indicate where you are on your path and potentials in your timelines and time spirals. I do not offer answers to health/medical questions or mental health questions. Please use your discernment at all times. This is not to replace a professionals (psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor) advice. Please seek professional guidance from a licensed medical professional if you feel called to do so. This is solely and entirely your responsibility. Ho’oponopono

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