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Child or Toddler Mask - Linen + Silver - Two Sizes

Child or Toddler Mask - Linen + Silver - Two Sizes

AES Kids Twinkly Mask comes in two sizes: Small and Medium. Small fits Toddlers and children up to age 9. Medium fits Children age 10 and up, including Adults with a small, thin face. 


Fully Tailored with a front seam that adds breathability and stands off the lips to allow talking with ease, as it does not stick to the lips like other masks. Like our Adult masks, these are lined in our signature pure spun silver fabric. 


Silver is antibacterial and antimicrobial. A recent study published in June 202 shows the effectiveness of Electroceutical fabric and it's nature of zapping contagions. This published study, amongst other healthy debates on this fabric technology, can be found online by searching "electroceutical fabric."


Hand wash, cold water, mild soap. Do not wring. Roll in a towel to squeeze excess water. Air / Hang Dry. Light iron on fabric side only, poly setting. Never iron the silver directly. We use Real, 99% pure Spun Silver Fabric. 


For Silver Tarnish: Use pure castle bar soap to shine up the Silver. 

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