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Essential Oil for Amplification of Positivity, plus Spiritual

Essential Oil for Amplification of Positivity, plus Spiritual

AES Love small batch of beautiful, healing Quintessence rollerballs available for purchase from Cosmic Moonflower, Reiki+ Master Teacher and AES Maker.

Essential Oil Fragrance + Aromatherapy Lift & Protection

Aromatherapy offers gentle assistance in the approach to holistic health and wellness. 

Scents are able to uplift mental, spiritual and physical health through psychoneuroimmunology, a scientific interplay between the psyche and the immune system.

Moonflower has alchemized Quintessence with a calculated blend of five essential oils known to promote several layers of emotional upliftment and spiritual protection, for the physical, psychic, light and subtle bodies. Notes of Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium and Patchouli harmonize for clearing, transmuting and grounding the energy field. Bringing only good vibes! 

These are packaged in a colorful rollerball bottle and is a unisex blend of Sandalwood, Frankincense, and three other notes that add to this exquisite blend. Each bottle contains a small Herkimer Diamond and Peridot; crystals known for Healing, Spiritual Protection and amplification. 

Crafted during the Strawberry Supermoon phase in Jupiter/ Sagittarius of Solstice 2019, small droplets of rainwater settled into the bottles, encapsulating the harmonics of expansion and growth. This fragrance expands the Aura and strengthens the layers of the subtle bodies. 

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