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Silver Cellphone Protector RFID Tech Pouch - Pocket Sized

Silver Cellphone Protector RFID Tech Pouch - Pocket Sized


AES Silver Tech Sleeve / EMF Cellar Radiation Protection / Faraday Style Pocket Sleeve


Designed and Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸 


Pure, woven Silver fabric makes this thin, light weight AES Silver Tech Sleeve a brilliant items for RFID concerns. The Silver fabric we use is amazingly soft, and feels like satin. This Silver Tech Sleeve can be worn discreetly in your pocket or purse, computer bag and more. With a silver satin cinch cord and soft, bead toggle, your tech will remain secure and within reach. It is perfectly stylish and functional on it's own, worn around the wrist or in your jeans pocket. 


Finished Size is 8 x 5 Inches. Fits most cell phones, including Android and Apple. Note, this pouch will not allow bluetooth connection while in use. If you require a larger size send us a message and we will custom make a pocket or pouch to your specifications. Price adjustments may be in order for larger designs. 


Place your tech inside the sleeve and put the sleeve in your pocket with the screen facing outwardly on screen lock, to avoid pocket dialing.


Additional Function: Place your smartphone, car key remote, passport, credit cards, transmitters, or small electronics inside the bag to prevent hacking, tracking, signal amplification attacks, and data theft.

Signal Isolation: Signal Isolation bag blocks ALL signals including WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS and radio signals with high attenuation average so your devices cannot communicate wirelessly.


Pure Silver, woven fabric: the Woven Silver Fabric we use is over 99% content. The silver cloth has natural properties inherent in the nature of the element of Silver. The weave is fairly tight, so the shielding is more significant than other, lesser quality fabric that have a lower metallic content.


If you double up the sleeve, it offers thicker coverage and some people choose to buy extras and layer up. It is woven, stretchy material, Silver coated Nylon Tri-cot Fabric with Vacuum Sputtering. High quality Silver/Nylon Fabric and is very soft and flexible.


Spot clean. Hand wash only if necessary. Lay flat to dry. No Iron. No Dryer. The more you wash it, the less effective the product, FYI. 


*New Study published in May 2020 by Indiana University discusses Metallic Fabric properties.

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