Thin Silver Mask

Thin Silver Mask

The Thin Silver Mask is Tailored to comfortably fit, offering effective thin and lightweight coverage. Soft and comfortable in 100% Pure Spun Silver Fabric with barely there finished edges. This is a mask that can be worn throughout the day without fatigue, or worn under another mask for the effects that this Silver Electroceutical Fabric offers. 

Pure, breathable Silver is tailored for a fitted look and function. Woven elastic ear straps on each side are soft and can be adjusted with a simple knot, or changed out, simply by threading through any elastic or ribbon of your choice. Sized for Adults. 

Washable in mild detergent on gentle, tepid warm water, air dry. Handwash preferred. Please never iron the Silver. 

About the Silver Fabric:

Pure, woven Silver. The fabric we use is amazingly soft, in fact it feels like satin.
The weave we selected for this mask is breathable.

The Silver we use is over 95% content.

For educational purposes, a recent study, in June 2020, was published by Indiana University on the beneficial use of Electroceutical Fabric. We encourage you to research this online. Namaste